Download Your Free Talborne Organic Autumn and Winter Guide

Exciting news – your free Talborne Organic Autumn and Winter Guide is now ready for download! πŸŒΏπŸ‚

March 25, 2024

Here’s what you can expect in this comprehensive guide:

– Introduction to the Autumn & Winter Garden

– Soil Preparation and Improvement tips

– Colourful Seedlings for the season

– Flowers, Spring Planting Bulbs, and Edible Garden delights

– Lawn care and Grass maintenance during Autumn & Winter

– Trees, Shrubs, and Indoor Plants that thrive in the cooler months

– Creating Living Sculptures in your garden

– Explore our Landscape Design Studio for inspiration

Plus, don’t miss out on their bonus section with tips on drying your own homegrown herbs and 3 mouth-watering recipes!

Ready to level up your garden game this season? Download your guide now to get started!

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Happy gardening!

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