Zambezi Naturals, a Parrogate subsidiary, was established with the vision to work with communal people of Africa and create an alternate source of income for them, by value adding to the natural resources found on their communal lands without disrupting the environment and in the process enriching lives of these communal people and value adding to the gifts of nature for beneficial use by people around the world.

Marula is a stone fruit, native only to some African countries and found nowhere else in the world. The fruit has traditionally been consumed directly or used to make traditional alcohol relished by the local communities. The stone is cracked for nuts, which are either consumed as a source of nutrition or pressed to extract oil used in cooking or moisturizing.

We recently got awarded prestigious organic certificate for our marula oil by Ecocert on EOS and NOP standards which speaks off highly about our oils’ organic origin.

Our team is highly committed to provide world class customer service when it comes to production , quality assurance and delivery of oil globally.