Yamama Gemmer. Experience the ultimate thirst quencher produced by connoisseurs of a uniquely South African drink, gemmer - the traditional “ginger beer”.

Au naturel is how life should be lived, we believe. So we use the finest, natural ingredients to provide you with a healthy drink made that will benefit your wellbeing.

Yamama Gemmer is a traditional home-crafted ginger beer taken from our mother’s well-guarded, secret recipe, has a pleasant tangy taste that will tantalize your taste buds. Not only is it delicious, but ginger that it is made of has plenty of healing benefits for your body. For aficionados, not only will it bring nostalgic moments but you will find it refreshing and satisfying to the soul.

Sip up and enjoy the tangy sensation in your mouth. It’s Fresh, spicy, and a bit sweet…It’s the Best of the Best!

*Caution: if you’re expecting a sweet carbonated drink with a hint of ginger flavour, you will not find that here. Not all ginger beers are created equal, as we’ve discovered over the years.