The Victorian Garden Skincare Company

Victorian Garden cosmetics have revived the skin care secrets of the 19th century for the modern-day woman who embraces earth-friendly values. As the name implies, Victorian Garden products are created using natural recipes from the 1800s, with ingredients like herbs, flower extracts and beeswax – all of which could be found in abundance in the Victorian-era garden.

The Victorian Garden Skincare range is formulated to rebalance your skin, allowing it to regenerate and repair itself with long term results. When used regularly as a skincare system, cells are rejuvenated to improve skin imperfections and provide a healthy glowing skin.

Tailor the system to suit your skin appropriate for your age and the climate you live in. Skincare lines are available for Dry, Normal/Dry, Normal/Combination, Oily/problem and Sensitive skins.

As experienced crafters of twenty first century versions of popular Victorian skin, body and bath care products, the company has a unique history dating back to the Victorian era when ladies hand made their own moisturizing creams, lotions and bath oils using herbs and flower extracts grown in their gardens, combined with beeswax from the apiaries which many middle class and upper class Victorian households kept at the bottom of their gardens. We're focused on using as near 100% Certified Organic and Natural ingredients as possible.

These exquisite products are formulated by a team of experienced and innovative biochemists and are destined for the discerning consumer keen to improve their skin condition for the sustainable future and pursue a healthier lifestyle. We use lots of popular Victorian herbal and floral extracts along with ancient African plant oils, as well as a few rare and exotic English “Heirloom” plant extracts for our special Royal Tudor products.

Free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, Victorian Garden bath and body products are wonderfully fragrant and nourishing, full of natural indigenous South African plant extracts to care for the skin and rejuvenate body and spirit. Ingredients are certified organic wherever possible, and the company follows an ethical, sustainable and cruelty free ethos. Indulge in the sweet scents and soothing sensations of Victorian Garden cosmetics, available at Faithful to Nature.