Sublime with Lime is a responsible health bakery that transforms unhealthy comfort food into sublime bites of nourishment.

Sublime was founded in 2019 by Denise Robertson – journalism graduate, writer, entrepreneur, health enthusiast & baker. Denise embarked on a health journey in Bali, Indonesia where the healing qualities of nutrient-dense plant-based foods transformed her body & mind into what “traditional South African food” (rys, vleis, brood & aartappels) could never accomplish.

Sublime with Lime’s philosophy is all about strengthening South Africans’ perspective about what holistic health truly entails and making plant-based & nourishing comfort foods available & accessible to all.

Sublime with Lime products are therefore directed towards satisfying people’s cravings with delicious taste & textures without harming their bodies in the process. This means that the ingredients sourced & used within Sublime products are of excellent quality with regards to the nutrient-density thereof and how natural & wholesome it is – hence absolutely guilt-free!

All of our ingredients are consistently researched by a registered healthcare dietitian, which ensures that we not only choose our ingredients based on preference, but each product’s recipe is formulated in a scientific & evidence-based manner. (You can read all about each respective product’s science when you shop right here on our website.)