Soaring Free Superfoods. Awaken. Activate. Live - Life Without Limits

We supply South Africa's widest range of certified organic & wildcrafted superfoods, potent plant powders, potent protein powders & superfood chocolates. All our products are ceres certified & tested organic, are non-GMO, vegan friendly & are all packaged in 100% biodegradable, home compostable & recyclable packaging.

Our mission is simple ... to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle, through sharing our knowledge of the healing power of plants & by providing people access to the highest quality hand-selected nutrient-dense (super)foods from around the world.

We believe that to enjoy feeling healthy & eating healthy, your food should taste delicious & be nutritious too! After all, life is too short to have to eat bad tasting food that is unhealthy, when you could be having healthy food that you enjoy.

Our ethos is that when our bodies are nourished by nature, by food that is high vibrational & still alive, you can Awaken your Vision, Activate your Passion and Live a Life without Limits.