Sebabatso Lanolin Cosmetics is a manufacturing and processing company that operates in the agro-processing industry of Lesotho.

Lanolin is a secretion from ship skin that has great moisturizing properties. It is an emollient (skin smoothing) that is mostly used as an ingredient in the cosmetics industry.

Major products produced by Sebabatso Lanolin are unrefined raw Lanolin oil, unrefined raw Lanolin with Prickly Pear (Body Lotion) as well as petroleum jelly. Sebabatso Lanolin and Cosmetics sources their major raw materials locally from a huge wool and mohair industry hence improving its lead times to market. The company also works directly with communities to source inputs and this increases their developmental impact. The company is seeking to expand its market in South Africa. Sebabatso Lanolin Products have been tested in reputable laboratories both in Lesotho and in Canada.