Royale SA (Afrique du Sud) was born out of our Founder, Izette Dreyer’s, passion for oils and skincare. Since primary school she was fascinated by essential oils and the fact that it had therapeutic benefits. She used her pocket money to buy and experiment with essential oils.

In 2010 she first came across pomegranate seed oil on the Internet and so her love affair with this precious oil started. For 5 years she researched and read every study she could find on pomegranate seed oil, her only option was to import as PSO wasn’t available in SA, she has never seen, felt, or smelled PSO and therefore didn’t trust that option.
After her father was diagnosed with skin cancer Izette couldn’t wait anymore as she knew that it would treat the sunburn like patches and thinning skin from chemo and radiation therapy. She found a de-juicing company that juiced pomegranates and the seeds were at that stage used for feed and thrown away. With a hark in hand and a lot of help from friends she went on a mission to become the first commercial producer of pomegranate seed oil in South Africa.

From there on it started with oil-based skin serums and grew into a full-blown skincare range as clients asked for more. A natural skincare range that is Active, Affordable and Authentic.
Our skincare range started with the belief that your skin basically needs oil, antioxidants, water and SPF to slow down the aging process. From there it grew into much more, celebrating trending ingredients like Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid (two molecular weights), Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Squalane, Probiotics, green tea caffeine and many more.

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