Rhizo Health is a Probiotic with a Sub Category of Natural Phage Therapy.

It is a 100% Natural, 100% Organic product derived from the Rhizosphere of untouched African Forest Soil.

Consisting of 42 Groups of Bacteria, these groups naturally form a 43rd Group once extracted from the Soil Rhizosphere.
To understand Rhizo Health and the working thereof, you need to understand that it is an extremely intelligent product. Once a Pathogen enters your body, the Bacteria within Rhizo Health communicate with each other by means of Quorum Sensing. They are selective in the process of identifying which Bacteria, Enzymes or if needed Phages, need to protect the body from each specific Pathogen.
For example:
When there's an inflammatory response in your body, Rhizo Health will use it's Bacteria to combat.
When there's Diabetes, Rhizo Health will select only 3 of it's Enzymes and some Bacteria to break down the Fats and Sugars it needs to, to regulate Blood Glucose Levels.
When a Virus or ESKAPE Pathogen in wounds are present- all multi drug resistant, Rhizo Health's Bacteria would form Phages (also known as The Good Guy Virus) to penetrate the biofilm, multiply rapidly within the Pathogen and then become dominant over said Pathogen.
This is the reason why Rhizo Health can alleviate so many ailments, so rapidly

"All disease begins in the Gut"
- Dr. Hippocrates
(Considered to be the father and founder of modern medicine, regarded as the greatest Physician of his time)

...and Dr. Hippocrates was really on to something, considering that approximately 80% of your immune system is ruled by your gut, together with 95% of your Serotonin- in fact, more than 50 hormones get formed in the Gut, which makes it the largest endocrine organ of the human body.
Restoring your Gut and adding to your Microbiome, Rhizo Health targets and eliminates only Pathogens, whilst building and strengthening your own good gut flora.

Rhizo Health has strong anecdotal evidence of retracting Haemorrhoids to reversing Type 2 Diabetes- and pretty much everything in-between:
-Heightened Energy Levels
-Heightened Serotonin Levels
-Joint Pain
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Urinary Tract Infection
-High Blood Pressure
-Kidney Infection
-Respiratory Infection
-Staph Infection
-Wound Healing Infected with ESKAPE Pathogens
-Bacterial Infection
-Viral Infections
-Leaky Gut
...and the list keeps growing on a daily basis.