Nutriverde Okala, Lda. It is a company, with legal responsibility, which was founded in 2018, which is part of the Agro-processing of 100% NATURAL Vegetable products, with the purpose of providing customers with healthy, good quality and safety products. Thus, the company has as its food safety policy aligned with the Vision, Mission and Values.

Mission: To process and commercialize 100% natural products such as cassava leaf matapa, spinach, okra powder, and ginger powder, we seek to respond to the growing demand for healthy and ethical products from consumers concerned with a healthy lifestyle, supporting up with sustainable technologies, serving the market in a professional way.

Vision: To be a reference in competence and confidence in the supply of natural products, providing quality of life through healthier food to buyers in the Province of Cabo Delgado and the population in general.
Values: Trust; Respect; Belief; Humility; Integrity.

Company Purpose:
Making food and nutritious products available throughout the year and with easy preparation, through the implementation of quality processing and building a talented and integrated organization in the market.

Reason for founding the Company:
In terms of provinces, in recent times in Mozambique there have been high levels of chronic malnutrition and as if it were not enough to have a deficit in the consumption of processed vegetable products with high nutritional values.