Mungo Craft. We make Artisanal, Award-Winning, Preserves, Sauces and Syrups that are Natural and Handcrafted. Our range is unique, we use the Indigenous Fruits of Southern Africa such as Marula, Baobab and Lerotse then we pair them with contemporary flavours giving you the most unique flavour profiles.

We are Fairtrade Certified and we have received 13 Awards including being Awarded a Gold at the World Marmalades Awards (UK). We have Two (2) Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods in the UK. The Great Taste Awards are like the Oscars of food. Furthermore, we have also been endorsed by Martha Stewart, an Iconic, Household Food Celebrity.

Save the Fruit
We work with suppliers that extract marula oil and we help SAVE THE FRUIT that would typically go to waste. By working with them we are helping them employ around 1000 harvesters down the value chain who are mainly women. Our business model is as much about climate adaptation as it is about making high-quality foods. We are also recognized as UN Food Systems Champions.

We are really BIG on celebrating culture and promoting the re-integration of orphan crops back into the food system and creating jobs down the value chain.