Meant to Bee (Pty) Ltd. Growing the South African Beekeeping industry through the support and development of rural and disadvantaged SME beekeepers. Meant to Bee proud ourself in the raw Honey that are bottled in our bottling plant.
Meant to Bee have 4 legs to roll out and bottle the honey.
1. The Meant to Bee SME development model intends to ensure that an unprecedented level of support is providing to SME beekeepers, assisting them to develop and uplift their businesses. Meant to Bee focus on the processing and sale of honey, working exclusively with SME beekeepers who we aim to provide guaranteed, market related prices for their honey.
Meant To Bee will supply SME beekeepers with new hives as well as provide support in the way of training, mentorship, equipment, and operational support. This will assist in advancing these beekeeping enterprises and ensure the sustainability of the Meant To Bee venture.

2. The Meant to Bee Correctional Service development model intends to ensure that an unprecedented level of skills development is providing to inmates in various Correctional Service facilities in South Africa. They will be trained to develop various skills with the manufacturing of hives for beekeepers. Secondly the inmates will fulfil a very important part of the handmade wooden lids for each bottle of honey that leaves our warehouse.

3. Meant To Bee™ aims at ensuring strong business performance, and revolutionising the SME beekeeping industry through the use of mobile honey processing trucks which will bring honey processing services directly to SME beekeepers’ operations, saving costs, and allowing SME beekeepers to benefit from the sale of processed raw honey instead of lower value unprocessed and unfiltered honey

4. Meant To Bee™ will focus on the processing and retailing of high-quality bottled raw, single source produced by the finest beekeepers in South Africa. Meant To Bee™ intends on selling into the high-end side of the honey market and positioning itself as a luxury brand. The retailing of honey is to form the first phase of the business, providing a strong base from which to embark on the core business objectives of supporting the growth and development of South African SME beekeepers in rural and disadvantaged areas.