mē skincare. The beauty industry has lied to us for years, giving us unreal expectations, making us believe in ridiculous beauty trends… thinking skin should be smooth or even could be if you use a certain product, what they don’t show is the airbrushing that happens behind the scenes… no one has magazine made up skin outside of magazines… even Claudia Schiffer gets a pimple occasionally.

Your skin carries the memory of where it’s been, and we are not about trying to hide that. We believe in ageing gracefully, we love the story our faces tell… the lines around your eyes, every one a path down a lane of laughter, the freckles on your nose, resembling kisses from the sun. We embrace them and see the skin as a map, that tells a story of where we have been.

After a pilot with a large group of men and women of all colours, ages, and skin types. We are so excited to present to you, mē skincare… THE only skincare range you’re ever going to need.

We have created a routine with fewer, multi-tasking products that deliver everything you really need to optimize tone, texture, and hydration for healthy, glowing skin. THE cleanser, THE scrub and THE mask gently purify and cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and clean. THE magic mist, our topical skin spray, soothes and supports your skin's natural defenses. THE serum is luxuriously hydrating, leaving your skin glowing and smooth. The combination of Ingredients and Essential oils are not only good for your skin, but also good for your mood. The smell is unbelievable and will give you a full sensory experience.

100% natural
Artificial fragrance free
Eco friendly packaging
Paraben Free
Sulphate free
Made in South Africa

A beauty brand that believes that you are beautiful just the way you are…