Maungo Craft decided to form symbiotic relationships with seed oil producers by plugging into the Morula Value Chain so that after they extract the seed oil we make use of the nutritious fruit that would typically go to waste. We have turned the fruit into an Award –Winning brand that makes Artisanal, Handcrafted, Low sugar preserves that don’t have any nasty artificial preservatives.

They use the seed oil and we use the fruit pulp. This is incredibly EXCITING because by doing so, we are PROMOTING THE GROWTH OF TWO INDUSTRIES (for now) at the same time in Botswana – food and seed oil. Both these industries have the ability to create jobs and diversify the economy. We are reintegrating orphan crops back into the food system and changing our relationship to our indigenous foods. Creating a new Climate Economy is not only a worthwhile endeavour but a necessary one.

We are thrilled that EVERY JAR that you purchase from us will not only be ridiculously tasty and low in sugar, it will also impact the community, the country, the effects of the climate as well as tackle food waste!

We started out at our local Farmers market and now we distribute to Hotels, Specialty Stores and Retailers and do Gifting. We have won one over 11 Awards to date including receiving a Gold at The World Marmalade Awards in the United Kingdom (Commonwealth Category). We have also been endorsed by Martha Stewart, an Iconic, Household Food name. We use orphan crops that typically go to waste and turn them into delectable memories. Like we always say “We Put Culture in a Bottle!”

We look forward to Jammin with you!