Matomani is a proudly South African company using mopani worms to provide you with a sustainable, low-impact, organic, healthy and protein rich addition to your diet. Not only are our products great for your diet, but it also supports rural communities and preserves our environment.

Mopani worms offer a new healthy protein alternative containing protein, fats, calcium, iron, phosphorus and many more.

Our products are;
* Mopani worms - Premium hand-picked whole Mopani worms. They’re natural,
organic, rich in protein, fibre, minerals and 3 omega 3 fatty

* Mopani Flour - Our Mopani flour is made from stone-ground mopani worms.

* Mopani Biscuits - This high protein savoury snack is made with our stone-
ground Mopani flour.