Alan Rosenberg is the sole proprietor of Lindros Whole Earth Consultants and has been in the sector for 48 years in four countries

Alan of Lindros will consult, lecture, teach, train, and offers himself as a mentor and/or motivational speaker

LINDROS uses a whole systems approach for the development and management of “Fertile Healthy Soils”

Lindros specializes in Agroecology and associated forms of agriculture. Agroecology is the science and practice of sustainable agricultural approaches, systems, and technologies; This includes the socio-economic and the ecological or environmental contexts.

The systems and technologies Lindros primarily work with are Permaculture as a design system, Organic Agriculture as a practice, Kyusei Nature Farming and its association with microbiology and Biodynamic Agriculture all working towards an expression of regenerative agriculture with a focus on the 7th Generation Principle.