Kaapse Liqueurs is a proudly South African company distributing liqueurs manufactured from locally sourced produce. All the ingredients are 100% South African, natural and indigenous to the area. Kaapse Liqueurs has made rapid progress as a company, with the range expanding significantly since the initial sales of Limoncello in 2013 by Carol Mills.

Artisan, Local and Natural
The driving force behind the company is the passion, hard work and expertise of Cape Town born and bred Carol Mills. It is through her efforts that the liqueurs have remained artisan, local and natural.

Based in the Western Cape, the business has been built on the very popular “market industry” which has taken off in the area. The casual nature of this phenomenon has allowed for extensive interaction with customers and generated very positive reaction and feedback.

Traditional liqueurs like Kaapse Liqueurs can enhance lifestyles, forming part of the celebration of relationships, get-togethers and festive community eating. Food pairings are a passion of the brand’s and the sensory experiences which can be created with the liqueurs are endless.

100% local and natural
These artisan liqueurs have been carefully hand-crafted, with attention to wholesome natural processes and ingredients, and then packaged to provide a sense of extraordinary occasion. No artificial additives, colourants or preservatives are added to the liqueurs. Always proudly South African, the company aims to provide customers with an indulgent, delicious and 100% local experience.

Kaapse Liqueurs was humbly honoured by the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Show. Only three liqueurs were entered, all of which were Gold Medal winners! The Kaapse Liqueurs Buchu Gin won a Silver Medal.