Just Two Distributors was founded in June 2020. We realised that there is a need in the South African market for the highest quality natural and organic products. We connected with Eco Tan, Eco By Sonya Driver, knowing their products are of the highest quality and 100% certified Natural and Organic. After chatting with them, and identifying with their amazing product – we KNEW this is what we wanted to bring to SA.

It was Sonya Drivers story that really resonated with us and has changed so many lives, from people with the need to be natural and organic, having health issues, to anyone who wants to change up their lifestyle to a “more healthy way”. These products have helped so many people and can be used for the entire family. Eco Tan, Eco by Sonya Driver was established in 2010 and has grown from strength to strength with a long list of awards, certifications and references. We are very proud to be associated with them and bringing their amazing Australian product to our shores. Just Two Distributors were appointed as the official South African distributors for Eco Tan and Eco By Sonya Driver in October 2020