DEVONI-NATURAL is a cosmetic manufacturing and distributing division of HILON PTY LTD located in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa established in 2020 from revelations and ideas conceptualised over years. Our core business is the production and distribution of cosmetic products based on plants’ natural ingredients. The first phase of the company’s product range is mainly haircare and skincare products. The haircare products are formulated to restore hairline loss, eliminate hair breakage, strengthen, and thicken thinning hairs; stimulate growth, moisturize and promote the glow of healthy hair. The skincare products moisturise, soothe, soften, and afford healthy shiny skin.
Devoni-Natural cosmetic products' raw materials (Aloe species, Cucumber, Rose flowers, Mints, Turmeric, etc.) are sourced from local farms and prepared in our laboratories.
Our product range includes:
1. Hair Restore & Growth Oil – Assists in restoring receding hairline & hair breakage, strengthens & thickens thinning hairs; stimulates growth, moisturizes, and improves the darkening & glow of healthy natural hair.
2. Hair Growth Booster Oil – Helps boost hair growth, thicker, stronger, & moisturized. Helps combat microbial pathogens, thus eliminating itchy scalp & dandruff.
3. DEVONI Hair Food –Promotes hair growth and moisturizes hair & scalp as well.
4. DEVONI Tea Tree Moisturizer Oil –Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp & body, while soothing the skin and providing an invigorating aromatherapy experience, affording a healthy skin glow.
5. DEVONI-Shea Butter – Promotes hair & scalp nourishing, moisturize & stimulates hair growth & shine.
6. DEVONI-Aloe Skin Jelly with Vitamin E – Moisturizes, softens, soothes & nourishes healthy glowing skin. Keeps the skin warm.
7. DEVONI-Beard Oil – Assists in nourishing, softening, and moisturizing coarse & hard facial hairs, while stimulating the hair to grow and shine.
8. DEVONI-Nail Oil – Assists cuticle care, nail strengthening, growth and glow.
9. DEVONI 100% Shea Butter – Unrefined Shea Butter: Promotes thickening and volume of thin and fine hair; helps to nourish and soothe rough elbows, knees, heels, and skin.
10. DEVONI Hot Muscle Rub: Keeps the body warm. Help relieve aching muscles, stiff neck, and back pains.
11. DEVONI HAIR TONIC – Stimulates hair regrowth and darkening. Promotes strong, shiny, and thick hair growth.