Hazel’s Harvest locally produces small-batch soaps, beeswax balms and specialised skin creams which do not contain unnecessary, environmentally-damaging or harmful chemicals, and are packaged using earth-friendly materials. Made with love and individual attention to quality, none are tested on animals and have been perfected over time by myself, Hazel Roskelly.

All of my products are made by hand with great care and attention to detail. Creams contain real plant-essential oils which assist with preservation, and the minimisation of manufactured chemicals means that they should be kept as cool as possible to avoid deconstruction – or refrigerated in very warm environments. We are steadily moving away from plastics in packaging and so glass and aluminium are featuring more and more in our products – we’re aiming for 100% plastic-free. My creams, balms and soap contain:

Real African Beeswax
Pure Essential Oils distilled in Africa
Vegetable oils from South Africa
Avocado Oils
No Parabens
No Palm Oil
No Nano Zinc

I grew up in Zimbabwe with a keen eye for nature and being in the garden! A natural progression of life’s twists and turns brings me to my natural place obsessing over my home-grown organic fruit and vegetables, happily toiling over cauldron’s of liquid soap, reducing decoctions of African Sausage Tree extract, and infusing my natural skin-creams with pure essential oils, some of which are distilled on my farm at the base of the Wolkberg mountains of South Africa. Travelling through wilderness and discovering new landscapes encourages me to explore my craft and enthuses me to continually look to mother nature for her helping hand.