Get Juiced South Africa is an authentic, luxury, raw juice company, started in 2021 by the founder Dianne Elliott.

This idea was a passion that I have had over the past 5 years, when I was living in London and travelling abroad, I started being introduced to raw juice and how this actually benefitted me and allowed my body to heal and at this point before I became a mom, I saw considerable benefits to following a raw juice diet or just incorporating it into my daily liquid intake, it assisted with weightloss, ridding the body of toxins, improvement in my skin, nails and hair, it boosted my immune system and just made me feel revitalised in general, it gave me tremendous amounts of energy and I was just grateful to have found the beauty in juicing raw fruits and vegetables.

With the impact of Covid 19 and just the obvious changes that we all faced in 2020, I came into contact with many people who were just feeling low in their immune and not enjoying their lives, people were very concerned about the virus and losing loved ones, our confidence and self assurance started deteriorating and based on the lockdown, we started facing challenges like weight gain, changes in our sleeping patterns and just an overrall slow down in activity than what we were all accustomed to.

I decided that now would be the ideal time to put my vision into reality, I want to show people the power and positive impact that fruits and vegetables can have on one's body and I'm really determined to give people the advantage that I have. So with that said, Get Juiced South Africa was birthed, our juices are 100% natural without any preservatives or artificial sweetners, we only use the best ingredients and pride ourselves on making sure that we choose the best quality to produce our juices. Our juices vary from combination juices to one ingredient juices and speciality juices but I can assure you that anyone you choose is made with the finest fruits and vegetables.

I can't wait to experience this juice journey with you and I look forward to assisting you get the most out of life and be the best version of yourself that you can be.