Calronat Traders. Our business started in 1999 in the Pharmacy and Camping Industry, today our products are available in Pharmacies, Hunting Shops, Outdoor Shop, Equestrian Shops, Nurseries and Takealot.

Our main focus has always been to educate people to choose to use Natural products in the place of Toxic and harmful products that has been used for many years. We teach people that they have a choice to choose Natural products that do not harm the environment, animals or people and still get the job done.

We are the manufacturer of Pure Organic NEEM Oil Products. We have a great variety of NEEM oil products that we manufacture and these products are 100% natural and contain no harmful or dangerous ingredients and therefore safe for plants, animals and humans even safe on new borne babies.

There has been a shift in the industry when it comes to using more natural products that are not only more environmentally-friendly but also animal and human friendly and our products provide a multitude of great benefits.

Neem oil is a great product against insect and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and medicinal values.

Areas where you will use our Calro NEEM Oil products are:


Our brands for human use are:

No-Lice Products
No-Squito Products
No-Tick products