FouGrow Pty Ltd (Takbok) is a natural male erection booster that enhances performance and pleasure for men. All ingredients are 100% natural, which offers the benefit that it can be used safely without a prescription by men of all ages over 18.

The natural ingredients for Takbok are sustainably produced and sourced in South Africa, with proudly local manufacturing and distribution. While the product was formulated by a urologist in the USA, it soon became clear that the arid climate of the Karoo produces even more potent and effective raw ingredients that make up this product, increasing the product’s effectiveness.

Takbok is an effective product that bridges a gap where men across South Africa are unwilling to discuss their sexual performance even with medical doctors. In addition, prescription erection boosters are notoriously expensive and many people, even if prescribed, simply cannot afford these products. Prescription medication typically cannot be used with blood pressure and heart medication, and are often unsafe for diabetics.

With Takbok, the way men perceive their sexual health can be changed. For pleasure or performance, Takbok opens the door for men that would never have found another solution to sexual problems.