Eswatini Indigenous Products (EIP) is a natural seed oil enterprise that was founded in 2019 with the intention of developing a reliable source of income for rural women while simultaneously protecting native trees in the Lubombo region of eastern Eswatini. The enterprise supports local women in the sustainable harvesting of wild marula, trichilia and Ximenia tree seeds, which are processed, and their oils extracted at the initiative’s factory in Mpaka. In addition to providing job opportunities and income to the cooperative’s 1,200 harvesters, EIP provides training in environmental conservation, natural resource management and organic production to its harvesters. Eswatini Indigenous produces a range natural skin care products which are marketed in Africa and around the world under the Swazi secrets brand. Swazi Secrets products, including anti-aging oil, soaps, lip balm, body lotion, body was and shampoos which are hand made from cold pressed oil using seeds of marula and Ximenia.