Essentially Natural was founded by two cousins who believed that we need to clean up the toxins and chemicals going into and onto our bodies, and into the environment. Essentially Natural has since grown into a thriving young company, 100% female-owned, that supplies all kinds of natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging solutions, botanicals and aromatherapy products.

We pride ourselves on our strict ingredients policy and full transparency when it comes to the products we stock; we also source our products locally in order to support the local economy.

We stock hundreds of dried botanicals, and a huge range of essential oils, carriers oils, butters waxes, actives, emulsfiers, surfactants and all kinds of natural cosmetic ingredients. We carry an exciting range of glass and paper packaging, as well as lab equipment and accessories such as soap and bath bomb molds.

We also have a Blog and Resource Centre with information on ingredients, how-tos, Quick Guides, recipes and formulas and so much more.

We constantly endeavour to bring our customers the best in natural ingredients, service and product variety. Find us exclusively online at