Elli-organic, produced by Herbs-aplenty was rolled out successfully locally. The intrinsic values of the brand make it very suitable for export to natural-thinking countries. Adriaan de Bruyn is responsible for the product development, packaging and branding. A need to focus on the brand outside of the mother company wing was identified and Adriaan took up the challenge to establish an ELLI online shop with the idea to market the brand locally and specially internationally.

TWO Sections:
Wholesale organic botanicals – oils, dried and extracts aimed at medium-sized sales.
Elli wellness range

To bring the Elli organic skincare ideology to the world – showcasing some of the best ingredients on the African continent and creating a social awareness by dovetailing with community projects.
To make excellent quality organic ingredients available to the wholesale trade in smaller quantities.

A Wholesale Organic botanicals
Dried herbs
Carrier Oils
Essential oils

Wellness ranges
Face range
Aromatherapy range
Rosemary remembrance range
Fleur perfume range

All the items on the ELLI organic online store adhere to:
ONLY organic will do
Control from plant to bottle
Technical support
Grown & crafted in Africa
No water added – concentrated – a little goes a long way.