EcoEnergia - The Feeling Good Company is a vertically integrated agro-industry project in Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique that involves organically certified cultivation, processing, packaging and sales of natural whole cane sugar, cashew kernels, moringa powder and medicinal alcohol.

Our farming strategy is to operate as a core farm and partner with local farmers. Our operation involves re-generative farming principles and control of the value chain from “farm to table”, so that all value added happens on the farm. The project is intended as a role model for replication.

The Ouro Verde Farm has an experienced team of seven managers at site. We employ over 40 permanent and one hundred seasonal workers. 98% of our employees come from the geographical area in Ocua, Cabo Delgado, where the farm is located. The majority have transitioned from a self-subsistence to a salaried economy. We are proud of the skills and capacity that our farm team demonstrate today.
The farm operation is backed by advisors, a support team in Maputo, agriculture experts in Malawi, South Africa and Mauritius as well as shareholders and contracted specialists.

EcoEnergia established the Ouro Verde Farm in 2008. The first five years consisted of research on variety performance, resilience building, crop and soil health and soil restoration. The current farm infrastructure which includes an area of 1000 hectares, roads, power supply, an off river storage dam, crop land areas and a processing unit for whole cane sugar were built during a second five year period. We have now reached mid-term of the third five year period where we have added a distillery, expanded into cashew production and started construction of a cashew processing plant for organic cashew. We launched our first products on the domestic market about two years ago and are now ready for export.