Auricular Healing for a Healthier, Balanced You.

Did you know that your ear is a map of your mind and body and connects with the reflex centers of your brain? Stimulating specific points on your ear with Acupuncture and / or Acupressure helps relieve a range of physical, emotional, hormonal, digestive and inflammation conditions.

What are EarSeeds?

Acupressure EarSeeds are precision micro-pellets that are stuck onto specific points of the ear as an alternative or as an add-on to Acudetox Needles Acupuncture. EarSeeds are natural, effective, and side-effect-free and can either be applied by an Auricular Therapist or by yourself using the charts in our kits.

Our EarSeeds are available in Stainless Steel, 24k Gold Plated, Swarovski®, Chakra Crystal and Pearls.