Down to Earth is a South African company specialising in smart, simple skincare and wellness solutions that harness the healing goodness of plant extracts. We offer effective, ethical and fuss-free topical care.

If you’re seeking relief from skin conditions, pain or abrasions – or simply want a healthy, natural range to maintain the health of your skin and hair as part of your daily routine – then we have what you’re looking for. Our plant-active range, inspired and assisted by nature, is designed to provide you with a planet-friendly choice that is healthy, safe, and incredibly effective.

We are, in every meaning of the word, the natural choice.

Our range of products are designed to enhance skin health, physical well-being, and to alleviate the symptoms of a range of common ailments. When you look great, you feel great – and our goal is to help you experience both, enhancing the quality of your life.

We strive to do everything with respect and consideration for all living beings, and our planet itself. Our formulations are rapidly biodegradable, and even more importantly, they’re watercourse-safe. Our products are cruelty-free, and for us, this is non-negotiable.

We’ve created our range to be as practical and easy to use as possible, with many products being multi-purpose in nature, so you can have fewer products in your bathroom cabinet that you can do more with. We’re all about reducing stress and freeing up time and mental bandwidth for the more important things in life!