BWGL Group places the client at the center of our services. We aim to provide an excellent two-pronged solution to clients:

1. Cleaning/hygiene services and
2. Consulting services to the market.

We work closely with our clients such as Corporate, Business, Public Sector and other entities to partner with in providing solutions for their needs. Through our foundation, we run community outreach programme to empower our communities and the country at large. The company is based in the picturesque mountainous area of Heidelberg in Gauteng few kilometers outside of the city of Johannesburg.

Vision: To be a world class provider of excellent solutions and services to our client needs.
Mission: To enhance and grow our reputation for client service to surpass expectations.
Values: We are a values-driven business and living by these values in order to secure a better future for our country. We provide consistent professional and excellent service. We are committed to your timelines, always on time and on budget, we believe in collaboration and lasting partnerships.