Black Mamba Foods is an ethical manufacturer of award-winning chilli sauces, pestos, chutneys and jams that taste, look good and do good. Our range is made with fresh ingredients sourced locally from smallholders that are trained in permaculture and regenerative farming, and no added nonsense (no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives). Through our partnership with the local NGO Guba, we train smallholders in permaculture and organic farming and buy fresh produce from them to make our range.

To date, 60 farmers are part of our value chain, and our direct positive impact reaches over 1000 individuals in Eswatini. We have won several Great Taste Awards in the UK for our chilli sauces, and we are currently trying to expand our footprint, with our products currently being exported to several countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, Norway and Taiwan amongst others.