African Infusions sources botanicals and indigenous African herbal teas with new taste sensations from the unique terroir of the African landscape. We have long been fascinated by the medicinal value of the plants found on this vast and beautiful continent, so we embarked on a journey of taste and aroma. But it was a journey that had already begun many thousands of years ago – in every region, local communities have some form of herbal infusion that they enjoy and pass down to subsequent generations.

We know there are many other plants and flavours waiting to be discovered (or rather re-discovered) on the African continent. Passed down from distant memory, rooted in the attributes of the plant and drawn from the deeper wisdom of nature and of the world around us – our teas evoke both the landscape around them, and the African spirit found in each botanical ingredient. And as the health benefits of these teas remain the pillar of our vision, our goal as African Infusions is to introduce our customers to a continent of new flavours; while enhancing their health and well-being.