Natural Health and wellness through identifying root causes of disease using FOOD state Nutrients and Quantum Medicine devices, offering courses, career and businesses opportunities and quantum devices

* Prevention is better than waiting for when it’s too late
* Think Clearly and Live Productively 365 Days a year
* Reset, Restore, Rejuvenate, Rejoice

365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Centers provide a Holistic Quantum Medical Platform utilising natural services, nutrients and products aimed to restore health and wellness. The company uniquely builds a clients Life Force, Energy and Vitality working with the intelligence of nature combined with the innate ability of the body to heal.
The assessment and realignment of the body, mind, emotions and spirit process uses the world’s largest quantum medical software platform and Jane Mackenzie’s range of nature-made, life force, quantum-based, food-state premium brand certified nutrients, herbs and minerals, emotional release techniques, EMF and Radiation mats and pendants and Lifestyle adjustments. In this way clients maximise health and return to their authentic, organic and original self. The realisation of true happiness being the ultimate goal, whereby people think clearly and live productively in all areas of their lives sustainably.

The 4-step approach involves removing ‘guesswork’ by determining the root causes of dis-ease, validating risk factors (Quantum Medical Software and Live Blood Analysis), realigning the body, mind, emotions and spirit. A Holistic Natural Medical Tool Kit (quantum EDUCTOR/QUEX ED, acupuncture, infra-red saunas, natural nutrients and detoxification programmes)
These methods remove stress and dis-ease across all ages and across the disease spectrum, which is evidenced by the numerous testimonies that validate results where each client is a unique case study.

* Quantum Medical Assessments and Realignment across the dis-ease spectrum
* Pure, Natural and Unique Nutrients - Immunity building, Gene restoring, detoxification and nourishment
* Live Blood Analysis
* Acupuncture
* Chronic Disease Drip Clinic - IV Oxygen and Mineral-Vitamin options

For consultation bookings and to purchase please see the website www.365healthybychoice.cpm