260 Brands is an African consumer goods manufacturer based in Zambia.

We empower local farmers and small businesses by locally sourcing inputs and materials whenever we can, and process high-quality maize and soy-based consumer foods inspired by local tastes that contribute to our consumer’s well-being.

Nutrameal Instant Shake is made from pro-vitamin A (orange) maize to tackle Vitamin A deficiency in growing children. It is packed with nutrients making it an easy to prepare drink or meal replacement, for growing children and healthy adults alike.

Golden Goodness Soya Strips and Crumbles, also known as Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), are created using non-GMO process to create delicious high protein, soya-based meat equivalent products that makes healthy eating taste so good. We take our commitment to doing business the right way a step further by procuring our soybean exclusively from smallholder farmers within Zambia as well as process the beans therein to ensure that value addition is beneficial to the local community.