About shanaas@skbotanicals.com

I bring nearly 14 years expertise from the health and wellness industry, where I was involved in the sales, marketing and scientific research of natural ingredients for one of South Africa's first complementary medicine companies. I completed many CPD accredited courses in natural medicine and disease and learned that what goes on your body, generally goes into your body. Your skin is not a raincoat. Your skin is the largest organ of our body and biologically the first line of defence from the outside world. Reviewing my own skincare, I was shocked by the amount of fillers, ‘endocrine disrupting’ and potentially 'carcinogenic’ ingredients found in my beauty products. This prompted me to research effective plant based skincare that was safe and scientifically proven to improve skin health, strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and protect the skin against environmental pollution to promote healthy skin ageing. With the health and wellness-conscious consumer in mind, I wanted to create skincare that was good for your body and better for the planet. Skincare that is ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable. I collaborated with a cosmetic scientist, dermatologist and GMP facility, in order to create safe, high quality and high-performance natural skincare that works. I founded SK Botanicals. Innovative skincare capturing the best of nature backed by science.