365 Healthy by Choice: Exploring the Wellness Strategies of Jane Mackenzie

Jane Mackenzie is a Holistic Natural Health Pharmacist and has been a natural health practitioner for well over 30 years.

July 31, 2023

Graduating in Pharmacy, Jane witnessed the increasing incidence of illness, the limited use of natural healing modalities, minimal use of nutrient dense food as medicine, lack of patient self-responsibility to heal, the overprescribing and reliance of medicines to heal, which are often harmful and seldom helpful in creating a sustainable shift from Illness to Wellness.

Here are Jane Mackenzie’s 6 wellness strategies:

1. Prevention is Better than Leaving Things For when it’s Too Late

Following her quest to offer a natural solution to Illness, aging and degeneration, Jane set up the First Virtual, Global, 24/7 Holistic Quantum Health Medicine Centre based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, 12 years ago. Jane walks her talk, is authentic, original and organic in her lifestyle. When you visit the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Centres you see her truth represented in the external and internal spaces and in the interactions with clients. Jane sees her role as an educator and catalyst in the healing journey of her clients. Giving clients the choice, she identifies the root causes of disease and illness, validates the health risks from a physical, neurological, emotional and spiritual perspective resulting in empowered clients who are self-responsible for their healing, using nature made nutrients which are easily recognised by the body and assists the body’s wisdom to heal innately.

2. Remove the guesswork with accurate and validated progress assessments

Natural, non-toxic, non-synthetic and drug-free methodologies and modalities are introduced to aid in the shift to wellness. These include the QUEX ED / EDUCTOR / SCIO quantum biofeedback devices, live blood analysis, acupuncture, IV drips where absorption is poor or patients are chronic with very low reserves, Infrared sauna, Emotional Release Reconnection Processing and the Alignment with the authentic self. Clients realise that shifts in Lifestyle, Nutrition and Behaviour are essential to accomplish realignment and rejuvenation. “This Brand Raises the Bar!”, testimony from a client.

3. Our Food is our Medicine and our Medicine is our Food

The carefully designed nutritional range, “tool kit”, from 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE includes Cell Oxygen, Fermented Microbiome Reset live probiotics, Minerals, Oils, Nutrient Dense Super Foods (medicinal mushrooms, blue-Green algae, chlorella and spirulina, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis products and many more), Detoxification Adaptogen Herbs (organs, fats, protein, calcification and heavy metals) and Zeolite magnetic detoxification as well as EMF and Radiation mats, pendants and the Piezo-electric scalar wave Time Crystal device.

4. We treat the dis-ease not the diagnosis

She works comprehensively across the entirety of the disease and age spectrum holistically and sustainably realigning the body and dis-ease known as blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolic disease, auto-immunity, Gut problems, parasites, toxicity, fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney, lung, gut, skin, liver, heart, circulation, lymph, skeleton, organ and system disease. “Restoring inflammation, acidity and low oxygen levels in the body are key to reversing illness, aging and degeneration,” says Jane. Our testimonies are the proof of our success!!

5. Paradigm Shift from Illness to Wellness and Well-Being

Using Quantum Medicine Wellness a sense of Well-Being are achieved and represents a new paradigm shift in our current thinking. Jane uses her Holistic Framework for Well-Being repeatedly to Reset, Restore, Realign, Rejuvenate and Rejoice both for herself and clients. We realise that we as we shift along life’s continuum, we find ourselves in a natural state of perpetual harmonic renewal, as we experience repeated stages of chaos, repatterning, re-order and attaining happiness. People are unique and so there is no “5 point quick fix plan or bottle to buy for all to follow”. A uniquely tailored health plan is designed for all clients on an individual basis.

6. Natural, Sustainable, Harmless Solutions to Well-Being, Anti-Aging and Degeneration

At the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Holistic Quantum Medicine Centres, clients accept self-responsibility to heal according to natural laws without expectations nor time frames, and often the healing is not what they expected!!

We Build Life Force, Vitality and Energy which are YOUR Currency and enable You to Live a Happy, Free and Fulfilled life.

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